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Our story started as a small market stall. Now, we are a warehouse-sized restaurant that serves up 45,000 burritos and 35,000 tacos per year.

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California to Newcastle in your hands

Born and raised in Watsonville (Northern California), our co-owner Eric Flores spent most of his life in this coastal farming and surf town, rich in Mexican culture. From the unassuming mom & pop taquerias, lowrider / Chicano street scene, casual family BBQ’s, and farm fresh produce - {antojitos} is a story our team wishes to share with you.


From humble beginnings in 2014, {antojitos} was born - a 3m x 3m market stall offering street-style tacos and mulitas at local farmers markets. 'Antojitos' (which loosely translates to mean "street food") reflects our stencil-style identity, born from the basic necessity of spray painting our logo on our market stall. After developing a loyal Newcastle following, Eric and sister-in-law Bernadette recognised a much larger need for casual Mexican street food so we took a chance and moved {antojitos} into bricks and mortar - a “hole in the wall” butcher shop in Carrington. But our focus remained clear - to share the story and offer simple, fresh California-Mexican street food.


Patronage grew and grew, spilling out onto the street and into the backyard... so we began collecting extra furniture from the side of the road and added seating wherever possible. We “made do” with what we had at Carrington, and invested where we thought it mattered most - great staff, fresh food, and good vibes.


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What we serve:

• Tacos

• Burritos

• Nachos

• Mulitas

Our eats are served with your choice of filling: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian/Vegan 

Our philosophy is simple: to offer kick-ass Mexican street food PREPARED FRESH. We value great food, health, and family, so we’re in relentless pursuit to offer food free of gluten, chemicals, preservatives, msg, and other nasties - so you can feel good about what you are eating.


At the core of our menu are homemade corn tortillas and salsas, made fresh daily! 


Our non-GMO corn tortillas consist of only 100% stone ground corn, and our salsas are entirely vegetable based and preservative free including fresh avocados, limes, tomatillos, tomatoes, roasted chilies, and cilantro (coriander). We hope you can taste the difference.



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Our first location on Young Street, Carrington (Newcastle)

Our Steel Street shop when we first got the keys

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Pizza to the right; brothel to the left; pubs at either end; and then there's us at {antojitos}... sitting pretty in the middle.

Markets are in our DNA

Times must change, so fast forward to April 2018 and #11 Steel street is now our home. Our new restaurant (ex-fruit/veg market & Asian grocery) has been inspired by the mercados of California and Mexico. Make do with what you have; be proud of what you have to offer. So again, we have recycled and repurposed in order to make our dream a reality.


The old Asian grocery store cold room has been repurposed into our kitchen, light fixtures recycled, and furniture salvaged or inherited. Still no bullshit... we simply strive for great food and service in a unique atmosphere. Steel Street now offers a lot more space than our original 3m x 3m market stall...we've even got a project VW Kombi parked inside the shop. But no matter how big we go, our mission and culture will ALWAYS remain the same.

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Steel Street, Newcastle West

Fruit and Veg Markets

February 6, 1957

#11 Steel Street - our current shop was converted from an old Chinese fruit/veg grocery store

who are we?

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 a  team  

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We hope you enjoy the food and feel like part of the {antojitos} family.

Who is the {antojitos} team?  They are a select group of chosen people that are dedicated to our mission to provide excellent Mexican street food, genuinely attentive service, and a family friendly atmosphere.  But don't let their laid back nature fool you...they take their jobs very seriously.


our management team:










our mission

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Our mission reflects our story

Our mission is to combine fresh and vibrant ingredients with the time-honoured techniques of authentic Mexican cooking.


We strive to highlight California/Mexican culture and our interpretation of Mexican food - basic “people food” accessible to all, characterized by freshness, simplicity and bold flavours.


We recognise and honour the Mexican people’s significant contribution to the food, culture, and farming industry of California.